There has been many rebrands in the LlamaFluff universe, and names James has gone by include cooljames100, CoolJWR100, Llama Likes Gaming and now LlamaFluff.

Trivia Edit

• The only reason CoolJWR100 was created was because when he signed up for YouTube, cooljames100 was not available. He then decided to make a neater looking name and add capitalisation. This was a good idea.

• The name "Llama Likes Gaming" was one that was made up "On the fly" because he hated the nine-syllabic CoolJWR100 and wanted something shorter. It didn't end up well in the long run, because the name limited James to gaming-only content, which is why he created Llama Likes Vlogging, yet another Side Channel that slowly got forgotten about.

• LlamaFluff was chosen because it meant that his content was not gaming-only, something which turned out for the best when Llama made Sister Margie a month or two later, as well as introducing Llamanas during the Fine Bros fiasco